ALA Research Institute for Fermentative Microbes

ALA Research Institute for Fermentative Microbes

ALA Research Institute for
Fermentative Microbes


About the Institute

Overview of the Research Institute

The ALA Research Institute for Fermentative Microbes conducts research and development on SFP (Soybean milk-fermented product), the main component constituting the health food “Seigen,” a product sold by our affiliate, CMC Co., Ltd. We are also a research institute that conducts research and product development for various functional ingredients based on fermentation technology.

In 1995, research was commissioned to the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) in order to scientifically prove the delighted comments we were receiving about the product. The institute was established independently thereafter as a means of further expanding on this research.

Since then, we have been conducting research, including animal experiments and clinical trials, on a daily basis in order to establish data based on scientific grounds.

Company Name
ALA Research Institute for Fermentative Microbes (formerly Central Institute for Health Science, A.L.A. Corporation, renamed in 2019)
2-4-6 Misono, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0091, JAPAN
Research Subject
Research and Development of SFP (Soybean-milk fermented product)

Research Policy and System

In addition to research and development of functional ingredients using our collection of 2000 bacterial strains, we also conduct clinical trials, product safety tests and quality management for SFP (Soybean milk-fermented product), which forms the basis of the health food “Seigen.”

Research Management Management of research proposals, academic studies, patent applications and other research activities - Culture Study Screening of beneficial strains including lactic acid bacteria and development of culture techniques - Biochemical Study Screening, isolation, purification and structural analysis of active ingredients derived from natural materials and microorganisms - Physiological Study Evaluation of functionality for fermentation ingredients and clarification of physiological mechanisms


The results of our long years of research have been compiled not only in research papers and conference presentations, but also in patents acquired for our original manufacturing technologies.

Title Country Patent No.
Functional compositions South Korea 0367553
China ZL99800117.1
(UK, France, Germany)
United States 6827953
Philippines 1-1999-00238
Japan 4163276
Compositions for the prevention of diabetic complications Japan 4328058
Compositions for the improvement of inflammatory diseases Japan 4377117
Compositions for the stimulation of the immune system Japan 4712289
Anti-tumor agents and their manufacturing methods Japan 6302239

Journal Publications and Conference Presentations

In addition to publications in academic journals including the Chonai Saikingaku Zasshi (Journal of Intestinal Microbiology) and eCAM (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine), we have also presented at conferences for the Japanese Society for Bacteriology, Japanese Cancer Association, and the Japan Bifidus Foundation (JBF)/ Intestinal Microbiology, and have been actively publishing research towards the practical use of SFP (Soybean milk-fermented product) in integrative medicine.

Title Journal
Determination of the antibacterial substances produced by probiotic lactobacilli against a periodontal pathogen 第59回歯科基礎医学会学術大会
The antibacterial constituents produced by Lactobacillus fermentum against Porphyromonas gingivalis IADR GENERAL SESSION
Analysis of the Antimicrobial Constituent of LactobacillusAgainst Periodontal Pathogen IADR GENERAL SESSION BOSTON,MASS.,USA・MARCH 11-14,2015
Anti-tumor activity of heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum BF-LP284 on Meth-A tumor cells in BALB/c mice International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition 67(6)641-649,2016
Determination of the Antibacterial Constituents Produced by Lactobacilli against a Periodontal Pathogen: Sodium Lactate and a Low Molecular Weight Substance Probiotics & Health,2016
Improvement of Experimentally Induced Hepatic and Renal Disorders in Rats using Lactic Acid Bacteria-fermented Soybean Extract eCAM 6(3)357-363;2009
Influence of intestinal anaerobes and organic acids on the growth of enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia Coli O157:H7 J. Med. Microbiol 51:201-206,2002