In order to clarify the slow aging effect of a lactic acid bacteria-fermented soybean products (LFS), we focused on the fenestration width of fenestrated capillaries in the lamina propria of aged BALB/c mice. Fenestration plays a crucial role in the uptake of nutrients into the body. The experiment was performed after dividing 4-week-old mice into three groups: Group A (control group); 4-week-old mice fed with a standard MF diet(n=5), Group B: 6-montsh-old mice fed with a standard MF diet (n=5), and Group C: 6-month-old mice fed with a standard MF diet containing 1% LFS (n=5). The fenestrations of fenestrated capillaries in the Lamina propria of the duodenum were photographed using a transmission electron microscope. Fenestration width was measured with a computer-aided software (WinROOF Image Analysis Software [Mitani Co., Japan]). Statistical processing was performed using Scheffe’s method to compare the fenestration width of the three groups. A risk rate of less than 5% was determined to be significant. No significant difference was found between Group A and Group C. On the other hand, there was significant difference between Group B and Group A and C. The results showed that the continuous administration of LFS suppressed the narrowing of the fenestration width of fenestrated capillaries in the duodenum of aged mice. This study suggests that LFS exerts a slow aging effect on the small intestine.


本研究は、乳酸菌混紡発酵産物(LFS)のslow aging効果をより明確にするために、LFS給餌および非給餌の加齢BALB/cマウスの十二指腸の粘膜固有層に存在する有窓型毛細血管(fenestrated capillary; FC)の開窓幅の違いに着目した。この理由として、小腸は栄養素の消化・吸収の中心的役割を担っている。特にFCの開窓は栄養分が最終的に化学的消化された小さい分子(<1nm)の単糖(グルコース、フラクトース、ガラクトース)やアミノ酸などを、早い血流の吸い込む力によってFCの中に取り込む(単純拡散)ことから、健康寿命の延伸に密接に関わっていると考えられるからである。